FREE hair and make-up?! Yes really!

Calling all brides past and present who have had their dress shopping experience! Win a free hair and make-up session for you and two others by filling out the form below. It is that simple. You could use it for your wedding, or if the big day has been and gone...

How To: Plait me pretty

I use this style a lot at the moment. It is great mummy hair as it is up, out of the way and works well with 3 day old hair when all I have time for is dry shampoo! You can style it as neat or as messy as...

How To: Hairband Plait

So this one was requested which is super exciting. Very easy to do and great for active days when you want your hair to look pretty, but hold. You can do this on one or both sides of your parting, with the back up or down. Lots of scope...

How To: French Updo

My latest do it yourself hair tutorial. Once you know how to French plait, this one is a doddle. French plaits are the foundation for so many other great styles, it’s definitely a worth while skill. Happy practicing! Xx

How to: Ballet Bun

Another simple, quick style which can be as neat or as messy as you like. This looks great when messed up and accessorised with a large flower or if you want a more sophisticated look, keep it slicked back and neat, fix with hair spray and team it with statement...

DIY Hair: Low Messy Bun

I did it!! This is my first How to video which can be found on YouTube. Very proud to have over come my techno limitations to produce this. I chose the low messy bun to open with as it looks so much harder than it is and will definitely...

A love affair with Bobbi xx

So I may have updated my make-up kit with a few bits!! I’m totally in love. The foundations are flawless and the blusher works so well with it. Who wants to look fabulous?!

BIG hair

How fabulous is this big do! So smooth, so BIG! Fantastic for those wanting lots of hair sparkle, the size of the hair balances with the large hair piece.

One Trial, Two Looks

Why not use your trial time wisely and try two completely different looks! This bride wanted to try a classic sleek look vs princess curls. So much fun!

Fab 40’s

Loved this trial! Hair up with a 40s feel. All about big curls and glamorous accessories.