My Arbonne


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Shop online hurrah! I am now very excited to be able to offer this to you lovely people.

Being a makeup artist, and a trained beauty therapist I have used and will continue to use a range of products and being able to buy them online is a great way to stock up on the run! We live in a world dominated by branding and marketing and boy can they suck us in! I, no doubt like many others am a sucker for packaging, how do they do it!  Now I do work with some of these giants, MAC and Bobbi Brown in particular, I wouldn’t be able to run a dressing room venue without them, because the produce amazing products, that produce a beautiful finish, judge me if you will. However, on a personal note and where I can, I would always try and choose more natural products.

This is when I like to use the lovely Arbonne products. They cut out the nasties, are vegan friendly, use lots of amazing natural ingredients and have a great reputation for being great on sensitive skin as well as having a killer anti-ageing skin care range. All of that aside, they also have a ridiculously good set of make-up brushes that I fell in love with, and I use A LOT of brushes. Very true story, they were my first Arbonne purchase and I have turned to them for many products since.

In my dressing room I love that I can offer a vegan friendly make-over and that I am also able to offer these scrummy products to my clients to buy without any pressure. I do not have sales targets, there is nobody telling me I have to sell x amount of mascara. I just choose to because I think they are amazeballs.