Kenneth Winston Dresses

Dresses by Kenneth Winston

Through and through, the collection is a perfect mix of timeless and contemporary, with plenty of options for brides seeking the traditional princess gown or a modern cut silhouette. Every Kenneth Winston gown is made with the bride in mind with fashion-forward design, high-quality materials, and only the finest detailed-beadwork and embroidery.

The Ella Rosa Collection

The Ella Rosa Collection uses lighter boning structures and opts for more corset tie-back options, providing only the best flattering fit. With the understated combination of sleek profiles and subtle design cues, Ella Rosa takes a modern approach to the traditional wedding gown while maintaining a range of options for any bride.

The Gallery Collection

The Gallery collection designs, streamlined with an emphasis on the mantra “less is more.” The gowns place great emphasis on the bride’s silhouette, whether it’s extra boning or structure. The result, a beautifully simple and modern look at a very attractive price point. It’s the perfect choice as a reception or outdoor gown where the beautiful bride’s focus is on staying light and comfortable.

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  • How many people can I bring with me?

    We don’t really have a rule on this. Our bridal suite is beautiful and can comfortably seat 4/5, but please just let us know and we can pull up extra chairs….and bubbles!

  • When should I start looking for a dress?

    As a loose guide, 6-8 months before your wedding. This allows time for you to try several different shops, for the dress to be ordered, delivered and then altered. However, peace of mind in being early, and excitement in a rush order!! Dresses can also be bought ‘off the hanger’ for a real deadline.

  • How long is an appointment?

    We normally allow 75 minutes. However, if it is your first appointment in a bridal shop, time allowing we would book 90minutes as we want you to feel comfortable and it can be overwhelming to start with, it’s a very special moment! If you would like longer than 75 minutes regardless of how many times you have been, just let us know prior to your appointment, we will always try and accommodate your requests.

  • What should I wear?

    Think underwear! White or nude is best, but don’t let it worry you if you forget! Wear shoes and clothes that are easy to get in and out of, especially if you are visiting more than one bridal shop on the day.

  • What price and size are your dresses?

    Our lowest priced dress is £630 and the most expensive £2070. All of our prices include VAT and are displayed on the dresses. We will never try and hide anything from you.

    Most of the dresses are a 12 or 14. Dresses can be pinned to facilitate those who are an 8 or 10 and dresses undone, especially corset backed dresses can reflect the style on a sized 16 – 18 lady.

  • If I decide on a dress, do I have to pay for it then?

    You find a dress, hurrah! Sadly, it does need paying for. However, to make things slightly easier you do have a choice. If you like to get things over and done with, you can pay for the whole thing. Alternatively, you can pay for 70% of the cost once you have decided, and the remainder 30 days later.

  • Do you charge for appointments?

    We currently do not charge. However, we do ask that you please be mindful that an appointment is a good chunk of time which if you no longer require, could be given to someone else. Please do let us know if you do change your mind, even if it is on the day. We won’t bite!

    If you would like to really treat your bridal party, a celebratory afternoon tea/brunch can be arranged. In my opinion, every special occasion should be enjoyed with croissants or cake! This costs £35 and can be added any time up until the morning of your appointment.

Opening Times

Please note that we are working stylists, (and Mummies) and are therefore often off site. We welcome all visitors, but we do advise you arranging your lovely visit to avoid sad faces! We will happily work outside of these hours to meet your requirements.
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